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Wearable Technology That Benefits Seniors

It is no secret that seniors tend to struggle when it comes to using technology. So finding technology that they can easily use can be a challenge but it is possible. So I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of senior friendly technology that they can wear. There are a lot of gadgets currently on the market, but I wanted to add some of the different outside of the box items.

Wearable Camera
What is better than a camera that you can wear? Let’s face it that seniors often have a problem keeping track of where they put items. However if you are going to an event and you are able to wear the camera this will work even better. This camera is called the Autographer and you can hang it around your neck. This means that you should keep the camera around your neck for the entire event and take it off when you get home. This ensures that it is not lost. The camera itself is also a very neat device and small enough to hold in your hand and easy to operate.

Smart watch
A smart watch is exactly what it sounds like. This watch can help you do just about everything. The Pebble Smart watch for iPhone and Android is a great watch to have. Or course as a senior you will need to have someone else set it up to your preferences, but once it is setup it will work great. They can get email notifications, it has caller ID, and everything that they need on it. You can even download apps for them. It is a lot better than the usual old fashioned watches.

Jacket with heat technology
The North Face Met 5 Jacket is really great for seniors. This jacket has technology that will help keep you warm. What makes this really great is that seniors are usually pretty cold. This jacket helps them to adjust the levels to what is best for them. If you are wondering how the jacket works it actually runs on rechargeable batteries. Sounds pretty simple right?

Electronic Medication Dispensing Service
Most seniors unfortunately need to take medication on a daily basis and as you age it can be even more difficult to remember how much medication to take. That’s why some have chosen to use the Philips Medication Dispensing Service. This device works very well, you just have someone load the proper amount of medication into the device. Then all you have to do is push the button when the reminder alert is heard. Then you will get the right amount of medication needed. If you don’t hear it they even have a backup system to ensure that you know you need to take your medicine. This is a service that you have to pay for but the good thing is, it’s affordable for seniors.



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