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Using Technology to Monitor Our Children

This world is a lot scarier than it was when we were children. This is one reason why many parents are turning to technology to help monitor their children. Some may argue that this is invading the children’s privacy. But if parents uses this technology in the correct way, the children will come to understand why the devices are necessary and understand that they come with the privileges of owning luxury electronic devices today.

For instance, most people have computers in their homes. Your children want access to a computer, too. If you tell them that the only way they are allowed to use this computer is by you installing a monitoring software system such as Eblaster first. They may argue, but if you stay firm and say no monitoring system, no computer. They will relent. You can then explain to them that you don’t plan on watching and reading every site and email they send. Go on to explain that you don’t have the time or the inclination to read every email. You don’t care to read and hear every little thing that they say to their friends. You just want to make sure that they are not visiting the wrong sites and that they are emailing and iming safe people.

Yet, parents can monitor more than just their children’s computer use. Now you can even monitor where you child is and if your child is in a car, you can even find out the speed of that car. These devices are GPS systems and they generally come in two different styles.

One is a GPS locator which is installed in many different cell phones. Sprint offers one such plan called the Family Locator. The phone itself usually runs about $180, after rebate and then a subscription of $10 a month. With this plan, you can designate a certain area in which you allow your child. If the child leaves this area, a text message is sent to your phone.

Other cell phones offer you tracking devices that will not only tell you where your child is, but if the child is in a car, what speed the car is driving. The phones come with computer software that you download, then when you want to see where your child is, you just open up the software and follow the directions. Soon, a map will open and a blinking light where indicate where the phone and hopefully your child is. offers a GPS cell phone for a subscription fee of $15 a month. It records the location of the phone and if the phone is in a car, the speed of the car.

If you want to monitor the car your child is driving, you can have a GPS device hooked up directly to the car, usually underneath the dash. Again, the system works on the same basic principal, using a computer software program. offers one such GPS device called the Carchip for $139. It records distance, speed, hard braking and location.

If you explain to your child why you are buying these devices and that you are not just wanting to be nosy, that you want to make sure that he or she is safe, hopefully they will understand. Sometimes you can’t always be the good guy when it comes to being a parent. But at least this way, the child is having the fun and the luxury of the technical products and you are getting some peace and mind knowing you are trying to keep himher safe.


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