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Top 5 Technology Themed Party Favors for Kids

Do you have a pint-sized tech wizard living in your home? If so, you may want to consider planning a technology themed birthday celebration this year. Based on my experience, a technology themed party lends itself to a lot of creative party favor options. Here’s a quick look at a few options that you may want to consider:

Technology Edibles

When it comes to technology themed, edible party favors you could opt to purchase ready-made products. For instance, many party supply shops and candy wholesalers sell candy dispensers that are crafted to look like cell phones and computers. In most cases, those types of technology themed edibles sell for less than $2 each. You could also opt to purchase candy molds and cookie cutters made to produce candy versions of cell phones and computers. They are most often sold through confectionary related companies like Wilton. You could use the molds and cookie cutters to create your own technology themed treats.

Cell Phone Charms

Most teenagers have cell phones these days so why not give them a technology themed party favor that they can use with their cell phones? There are craft and party supply shops that sell everything you need to make cell phone charms. Just in case you haven’t heard about them yet, cell phone charms are designed to hang from the sides of a person’s cell phone. They are created out of metal jump rings, beads, cords and charms. I’d suggest that you purchase the necessary supplies and let each party guest make their own cell phone charm. In my experience, supplies to make a dozen, basic cell phone charms will cost you roughly $15.

Custom Mouse Pad

In my opinion, custom mouse pads would also make a nice technology themed party favor. You could emblazon the mouse pad with a cherished photo and your child’s birthday information. Custom mouse pads may generally be purchased through specialty and promotional marketing supply companies for less than $2 apiece.

Custom USB Drive

Customized USB drives are worth consideration too. You can imprint the USB drives with a special birthday message or go all out and have a few created in the shape of a birthday cake. Customized USB drives are often sold through promotional marketing supply companies and office supply stores. Prices will vary wildly based on what you want the USB drive to look like.

Miniature Digital Key Chains

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider giving each party guest miniature digital photo viewer key chains or cameras. Miniature key chain versions of digital cameras and photo viewers tend to sell for $5 to $7 each through electronics stores. Sometimes you can buy the digital viewers and digital cameras through promotional marketing supply companies in bulk. In my experience, a case of 50 digital photo viewer key chains will typically lighten your wallet by about $17.


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