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The Consequences of Technology

If the citizens of the United States are in such a quandary over things like what to do about the issues of euthanasia, abortion, cloning and the like, then maybe we should point out a couple of things to them regarding the consequences of technology, next time we hear them complain about things.

1) Don’t mess with new technology that will increase the life span if you don’t want to have to deal with the elderly and the care of them. And remember, in no time at all that you too will be elderly and in the same measure you have treated those, you will be treated.

2) Don’t whine and complain about the fact that there aren’t enough people to fill the jobs in the United States and that our social security system is buckling from having to support too many people. If Roe v. Wade hadn’t legalized the murder of babies, how many of these children would be grown adults by now and contributing their skills to the job market and their taxes to the social security system?

3) Stop being aghast at the number of sexually active young people seeking abortion if you aren’t willing to go on the line and promote abstinence; as it is the only 100% guarantee against pregnancy and STD’s. And the excuse that “I didn’t abstain as a young person so I don’t want to be a hypocrite doesn’t wash. Only by teaching your kids and having them learn from your mistakes will those mistakes turn something positive from them. It is amazing at how many parents either don’t talk to their kids about sex andor don’t talk to them about abstinence and then wonder why so many of our kids are coming up with STD’s andor having an abortion. Of course it certainly doesn’t help when a teen, who couldn’t get a Tylenol in a high school without parental permission but could sure obtain an abortion; a surgical procedure no doubt, just by walking into the clinic. Nope! No double standard there huh?

4) And if we as a people do nothing about the issue of cloning in its’ infancy and ensure that is never grows out of it’s infancy to produce human cloning technology, we could be in for a very messy future. For when humans play God in the genetic nature of our make up and use things like disease prevention, disease cures from cloning, we could very well create a race of clones that would serve one purpose; to supply body parts and organs for those of use who needs them. Think I am crazy? Then answer yourself this question, what have we done with stem cell research and what do the proponents want to do with the results of the research? And just where do the proponents think they will get these stem cells from? Think about it! Maybe at some point we will learn the ethics over new technology; that just because we can do something with the knowledge, doesn’t mean we should do that something!


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