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Technology that Can Keep Your Kids from Falling Prey to Predators

Since schools are now choosing to bad cell phones and some parents don’t give cell phones to children under the age of ten it may seem like you have no other options. Lots of parents are now taking their cue from celebrities. It seems that celebrities already know how to keep their children safe and keep track of them. So obviously you do actually have options other than cell phone technology. One such device is a watch that is called wherify. The great this about this is that it looks like a watch but it really is not. You can attach it to your child’s arm so that it can not be removed, and is a great device for children under the age of ten who are going to school. The great thing about this device is that you can track your child’s movements via a web site which will give you there exact location any time of the day. You can even see pictures of your child’s location using a satellite via the website. Another great feature is that there are buttons that are located on the watch which your child can press if they are in trouble and it will call an emergency number and get them help right away. Of course you should keep in mind that you will be charged for a plan, but if you are worried about keeping your child safe when you are not with them, this is definitely a device that you may want to invest in for the new school year.


There is also something known as the walk mate. This item is the size of a pager and is usually used on college campuses. Many parents however are finding that it is great for young teenagers to use that walk too and from school. They usually will cost you a pretty penny, but it will help you to locate your child’s exact location right from the comfort of your home computer. This device also has an emergency button that will call for help if they find themselves in trouble. You even have the option of setting the perimeter of where your child is. Then if they leave that location or the perimeter that you have set up an alarm will go off to alert you.

It’s pretty obvious that parents definitely have several different options to choose from. You may think that you don’t need one of these devices to keep your child safe, but you never know when someone or something may suddenly affect your child. Unfortunately sending them to school is really not as safe as it used to be.


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