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Technology: How My Life Revolves Around My Phone

Technology is everywhere, owning a cell phone has gone from a luxury to a social necessity. The great thing about growing up in the ’90s was we got the best of both worlds, unplugged in the beginning, plugged in now. My life as a preteen to teen revolved around flip phones, AIM, MySpace, and Yahoo Chat. I was lucky enough to witness computers go from huge bulky towers to slim all in ones. Cell phones went from big to small and now, with the addition of smartphones we get the luxury of have a tablet sized computer to talk into.

My life has revolved around technology since 3rd grade when I was in charge of making sure the dust covers were on every old, bulky, MAC in the computer lab. I picked up on everything computer wise very young and started helping in the computer lab more and more. Pretty soon I was showing kids how to work programs and take care of the equipment.

When my family finally decided to get a computer, I was in charge of teaching my parents how to use it and before long I began tearing it apart to dust out parts and, well, just for fun. By the time I was 12 I could tear apart any computer and put it back together again in no time. I was the “voluntold” tech support in my family. That position has never changed.

As the years went by I became more and more in love with technology. I decided to go to college for Computer Support, I was committed to helping people and loved being around all of the new and shiny technological toys.

Computers have always been my first love but I must admit that I cheated on them a great deal with my smartphones. I was never exactly a Windows vs Mac or Android vs iPhone type of person. I am a “Fan girl” of everything. The smartphones that I have had have changed my life, I no longer can be away from my phone or a tablet for too long. I guess it was inevitable that smartphones would be the type of technology that I would end up supporting.

Computers, Phones, Tablets, Everything that is plugged in is wonderful. I make a living where I can play on my computer and my phones and I love it. Technology, over the last 15 yrs., completely made me who I am today, a Tech GeekSAHWM (Stay at home working mom). We have evolved into a species who must be plugged in 247365. Ssome may say that’s a bad thing, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


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