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Technology and the Family

Featured Technology Contributor, Ariana Cherry has started a new technology blog for basic Internet users that is essential for both home and family use. All of Ariana’s links to her technology articles will now be available at her newest blog, “Technology and the Family.”

Basic information such as tips on using the Internet, games for the children, and free software will be the features of the new technology blog. There won’t be any difficult Internet terms or articles that will be useful for advanced users. This blog will help beginning and daily Internet users who just want the every day tips-not the complicated ones!

Ariana would like to invite all of her fans and readers to take a look at the new blog, and to feel free to subscribe if they feel it will be useful for their household. I welcome any new comments or suggestions on my new blog. Perhaps you can let me know what kinds of articles that you would like to see on the blog too.


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