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Technology and Our Growing Homeless Population

In these tough economical times, it’s hard enough for someone with a college degree, P.H.d or even the basic High School Diploma to get a job. Let alone those who had jobs, keep them with all of the cut backs this country faced and still is facing.
If your were one of those blessed to have kept your home and job, more power to you.

Like million other Americans in this country, I too faced foreclosure. Not to the point of being homeless, for which I am forever, Thankful to God.

I have had the opportunity to meet several families that were completely homeless, including their children. I for one would like to Thank the taxpayers and our Government for the free cellular phones with 200 minutes on them. One of these displaced families was actually able to find work, while living in the woods with their children. I’m not saying the system is perfect, but what system is?

How many of you would actually take in a homeless family? There are so many organizations trying to help here in Florida, but at every turn someone gets a new city ordinance put in place, because they don’t want to see them, they prefer to ignore the growing problem. Local politicians can’t stand too see any organization trying to feed the homeless publicly. I wonder if they would try to stop the Dali Lama or Jesus Christ from feeding the poor?

Honestly, one would think our politicians would make this a priority. Future voters!

Foremost, I believe we all should step back and review our ideals for our country. And LET’S CLEAN AROUND OUR OWN BACK DOOR, BEFORE WE CLEAN AROUND SOME ONE ELSE’S.

For the previous article I read searching through the trash, for some of the homeless it is a way of survival. Not everyone recycles their precious aluminum cans and other metals. As for throwing out laptop computers, that’s just ridiculous when you can strip the hard drive and donate, recycle, or have it refurbished for resale.

As for the homeless hanging on to their laptops, I pads or what they need to connect to the internet, good for them. As long as they can find free access to Wi-Fi, companies like Aol offer limited free access and they can do a job search, to apply for work. Again not all systems are perfect, as for free porn, just check out some of myspace pics, twitter, facebook, you get the point by now, I think.

These websites cannot control every individual person in this world and the content they choose to post on their individual websites or blogs. It is up to parents to police their children’s use of the internet no matter the age and use age restriction controls.

If everyone at least makes an effort to work together, no matter how or what your opinion is, we could make a difference.

Thank you


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