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Taking Advantage of Technology

If you’re only using your iPod for music, Twitter for facilitating stalking and Google as a search engine, you’re doing it wrong. Today, new technologies are emerging so quickly that users are hardly familiar with their old technology before the next generation is released. To make the most of the technology that is available to you, whether you’re purchasing it or it’s free of charge, research is necessary. When every 10-year-old you know is running around with an iPhone, you might wonder if it’s meant to handle your important adult tasks. Consumer Reports and specification sheets on manufacturers’ websites will surely get you many of the answers you need. When many of the answers isn’t enough, check out the thousands of technology blogs out there for people like you who are looking to make the most of what they have.

Most of us use Google every day to answer life’s burning questions, but have you ever clicked on the more link at the top of the page? If you dig into the depths of Google you will find a wealth of excellent resources. If you travel regularly and don’t always carry a laptop to access your documents, you can store them in Google documents and access them from anywhere. You can create documents, spreadsheets, databases, forms and presentations and share them by creating a link and sending it to your friends, family and colleagues. Google Documents allows you to grant permission to others to edit your documents which makes it ideal for working on group projects, as it updates in real time. Another thing you can share with your friends and family is Google Calendar. Create multiple calendars (work, school, social life) and share the appropriate ones with whoever needs them. If it’s pictures you would like to store and share you can use Google’s Picassa; if it’s bookmarked web pages that you’d like to be able to access from any computer check out googlebookmarks. Most people are familiar with Google maps, but have you used Google Reader? Google Reader allows you to access all of the blogs you read regularly from one page. Google Heath allows you to organize your medical records online. The list of Google resources goes on for quite a while, but I can guarantee that if you haven’t checked out the more link, you are not using Google to its fullest potential.

Everyone has an iPod and everyone and their mother has an iPhone, but so few people really use this powerful tool to it’s full potential. There is an application for everything! If you have to file an expense report try expense2GO, if you want to jazz up your photos try easyshot or Polarock. If you’re trying to pass the time you can play anything from a challenging game of sudoku to popping bubble wrap. If you’re at a bar and just have to know the name of that song, try Shazam. Got something on your mind and nowhere to write it down? iPhones now have a built-in voice recorder. Other features include GPS and even a level. If you’re still toting around an older iPod, many accessories have been created so that you can make the most of your older apple products! If the newest apple product is in your pocket or your handbag, be sure to keep it updated so that you have all of the latest features and so that it runs as efficiently as possible.

Tethering is another fantastic way to make the ultimate use of your iPhone. You no longer have to purchase an aircard or find free wifi to use the internet on your computer. There are a variety of ways that you can accomplish tethering, refer to Google’s most used resource, the search engine, for exactly how this is done.
iTunes, though not the most favored music player in history, is a valuable tool when it comes to organizing your iPod and your iPhone. iTunes allows you to alter the tags that identify the music. This is useful when you download a soundtrack or an album with multiple artists. Rather than filling up your music library with one hit wonders, you can make changes so that the song shows up only under the album name.

When Twitter first launched everyone thought it was ridiculous. Just what we need, a stream of facebook-like updates via text message. Initially there was a great deal of skepticism and negativity surrounding it. It was assumed to be just another networking site that would enable cyber-stalkers. Today Twitter is a social media and marketing phenonmenon. The site allows users to search for keywords and “follow” the users whose statuses intrigue them. There are webinars and how-to guides on how to use Twitter to promote your blog, website.

Portable Storage Devices
If you don’t own an iPodiPhone, you definitely own an MP3 player, a digital camera or a mobile phone that uses a micro or mini SD card. All of these electronics can be used as portable storage devices. You can back up your school documents, transport presentations, spreadsheets and photos using any of the aforementioned technologies. The next time you think you need a larger flashdrive, check out how much space is left on your iPod or SD card. If you were dreading purchasing a external hard drive for that upcoming business trip, make sure you take a look at the tools you already have that are suitable for the job.

Surely your electronics shelf is much more comprehensive than this list. However, now that you know what these four widely used technologies have to offer, you might wonder what other surprises you have at home. Take some time to read the latest information on the top technology blogs. While you’re educating yourself on the many uses of your technological investments, don’t forget to use Google Reader to make more efficient use of your reading time.


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