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Product Review: MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology

Have you ever wished that when you were grocery shopping everything would automatically be added up so that you knew where you stood budget wise? MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology is one such new invention that does just that and more. MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology could very well be coming to a retailer near you to assist in making shopping experiences something unique, helpful, and definitely a cost saving experience.

MediaCart is the brainchild of Microsoft Corporation, Wakefern Food Corporation, and MediaCart Holdings. This marriage of the minds has created a product that will deliver onboard advertising in the MediaCart while customers shop. Not only will MediaCart provide price comparisons, but will also provide up to date information to the customer in terms of current in store specials.

The MediaCart Shopping Cart technology works based on a customers frequent use card program whereby and uploaded shopping list provided by customers. MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology will then make shopping suggestions based on the customers past shopping experiences and the shopping list provided. Based on the customer loyalty and previous shopping experiences targeted advertisements are generation onboard in the MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology to a specific customer based on previous shopping habits. MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology is also programmed to provide nutritional information and recipes to customers. Another of the most important features of MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology is that the groceries are totaled prior to the customer reaching check out.

Basically MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology is a cutting edge computerized shopping cart designed to assist shoppers with their shopping needs, price checks, and more. The unique technology associated with this revolutionary idea, allows MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology to communicate with the shopper from the point of purchase. This unique MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology system will not only assist customers in shaving time off of their in store visits but will also assist the daily operations of retailers.

By providing consumers with a tool that provides the assistance of budgets, searching for alternatives, and planning meals, MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology has created an entirely new experience when it comes to grocery shopping. Based on the information provided on the MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology, this particular tool is a friend to the shopper. It will also create brand loyalty to shoppers who have access to this tool, as opposed to retailers who may not yet have it. MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology was scheduled for rollout at the ShopRite Stores on the east coast January 2008. More information on MediaCart Shopping Cart Technology may be found at the MediaCart online store.


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