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Product Review: Masai Barefoot Technology

I read about the newest form of Masai Barefoot Technology a few weeks ago and purchased a pair of MBT’s for my wife who suffers from shin splints and sciatica. My wife was once a long-distance runner and had go give up almost 10 years ago due to the paid incurred during her running days.

Firstly, I investigated the claims and found out one very important factor which you must take into consideration before purchasing MBT’s; You must not buy them without proper fitting and training. This is because if they do not fit you properly or you don’t know how to wear them, then you will receive no benefit from them at all.

Back to my wife who now has been fully fitted and trained in the correct use of MBT’s and who, after only seven days, is back to running for enjoyment. She is delighted with the results of MBT’s and no longer feels backpain or sciatica after using these after only a few days. She is currently thinking of going back into training for the 10k ladies race and a new lease of life sparkles in her bright eyes.

Ok, enough of my personal experience and being in the “good books” with my other half. As I previously stated I did research Masai Barefoot Technology prior to purchasing them and here is what I found out:

MBT’s and the hype surrounding them had to be researched prior to any purchase. MBT’s are made with a technology that builds up your muscles, they actively work on your joints and are known as “the world’s smallest gym”. MBT’s , also known as Swiss Masai Barefoot Technology, promise to boost circulation in your legs, get rid of cellulite, help to heal bad knees and are excellent for athletic injury.

As you know, I purchased a pair for my wife, had her expertly fitted and trained in how to use them and they really have worked for her. However, on the downside I did find out that a colleague purchased a pair of MBT’s over six months ago and they literally fell to pieces. This information was given to me after my purchase so I can only wait and see. On writing to the company complaining about the shoes demise, he never heard another word back nor received any form of apology nor credit.

The fact that my wife now wears MBT’s has brought an influx of positive and negative feedback from the general public. Some proclaim that they are just ordinary shoes with an extraordinary pricetag and a lot of marketing to make fool’s like myself buy them. Whilst others, swear by them and have extolled stories about their own excellent experiences with this newest invention. Backaches gone, improvement in knees after 3 days use etc., I can only relay my own story and my wife is back running and happy with her present.

Another bit of information I found out is that MBT’s can only be worn for a 4 hour period and you should NOT wear them for longer. People have suggested that I should have bought a pair of Earth Shoes as they proclaim to have the same benefits however they can be worn 247 without damaging your feet. Another thing I think you should know is that if your MBT’s are not correctly fitted and are loose you will get blisters on your feet. Also, in hot climates MBT”S if incorrectly fitted can cause foot blistering even if just worn for an hour.

Another claim from the makers of MBT’s in their advertising campaign is that “a customer lost at least an inch of weight off each tight after just three weeks”, however, I cannot prove this claim. Never mind! If you are buying the shoes in order to lose weight then I suggest you try a visit to your Doctor who can put you on a healthy diet instead of trying to lose weight by wearing shoes.

Some tips I have read with regard to MBT’s are:

“It is very important that MBT’s are fitted correctly. Ideally you want some room for your toes since the construction of the shoe is exaggerating your toe-off movement. At the same time your feet must be securely locked into your shoes. Since the function of MBT’s is to enhance your entire foot-strike activity, this causes more movement (and need for precise fitting) than in more regular shoes.” – from and,

“As a result of the higher mid-sole due to the more angled heal sensor, your muscles are slightly more activated….” once again, insisting that MBT’s must be correctly fitted and the correct training given on purchase of same.

Finally, my own experience has been a very positive one. My wife who used to be a long-distance runner and who had to give it up over 10 years ago is back running after only 7 days, albeit not in a competetive mode, however; she has spoken about training for a 10k womens race and she is delighted with the results of these shoes so far.


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