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Outdated Technology You Still Use on a Daily Basis

  1. VCR
    1. The VCR (video cassette recorder) was a once ubiquitous device for recording and watching movies at home. It sent Hollywood and Movie Theater ushers into fits of jealousy for robbing audience attendance and ticket sales. It originally came in two formats Betamax and VHS. There have been several evolutions of the device since its inception. However, like all technology new and “better” things came along. The DVD player decimated the VCR industry in the same way CDs replaced cassettes and Vinyl records in the music industry.

      I still own and use a VCR because I still own a lot of VHS movies. The thing that will stop my use of the VCR is when “they” stop producing VCR machines.

      1. Desktop Computer
        1. The desktop computer was once the archetype of “modern technology.” It has since become a dinosaur of sorts. My smart phone does most of the same functionality at less cost and higher speeds and with more convenience. I will stop using a desktop when I no longer need a word processor.

          1. Land line Telephone
            1. The land line was doomed when the first cell phones emerged in the early 80’s. Again, it’s the convenience factor. You have it with you all the time; it’s multi-functional; it’s safer. I will stop using land lines when all cell-phones are hooked up to 911 in the same way as a land line is.

              1. Wrist watch
                1. Wrist watches are clocks attached to a plastic, leather, or fabric band that you wear on your wrist to help you keep track of time. With the takeover of cell phones with clocks on them, there really is no longer a need for a wrist watch. It is still a sort of a fashion statement for some and at times a sizeable investment.

                  1. TV Guide
                    1. TV Guide is a publication that distributes timetables that show you what television programs are on on any given channel at any given time. We may not use the paper guide so much any more as a society, but we still use on screen tv guides every day. Even this technology is waning as TV on demand is becoming ever more pervasive. In addition more people are watching programming available on the internet. Choice rules.


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