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My Family and Technology

Recently I saw it mentioned somewhere that the people who were born in 70’s and 80’s are the last to use typewriters and the first to use computers. Yes, we have seen technology grow from landlines to mobiles to smartphones. Where we used to sit and diligently read books, there is now e-books-on-the-go. Instead of writing, people prefer typing on computers now. While we used our imaginations to help pass time, today there are PlayStations, Nintendo’s and X-boxes.

These are some of the bigger examples of advanced technologies that we are seeing now. I haven’t even started mentioning the small things, like a recorder to help you remember where your car is parked!!

The technology is so advanced that we do not have to take any stress or stretch the limits of our small brains. Sometimes I think it’s a blessing and sometimes I feel it’s a curse. But it is as somebody said, “Go with the flow”. This is true especially if you are a parent.

Technology plays a major role in the development of our kids nowadays. We have to be “tech-savvy” to be able to help our kids reach their full potential. Though I might groan and grunt, I am a Mother who uses every technology available at my disposal to help my child.

At the slightest whisper of a question which I can’t answer, I run to the computer. It’s a big help, to tell the truth. There are so many things I cannot explain to my daughter without the help of the internet. She is in 3rd grade now. When I am helping her with her Social Studies or Science home works, I regularly refer to the internet to verify my facts.

We are from India, where we were used to text books and note books. The teachers would give plenty of questions and answers covering all the topics taught in school. She would usually just study from those materials. The only times we needed help from the internet was when she had to do projects.

After coming to USA, it has been a big change. The children are taught things in an interactive manner. They show videos and movies which helps the kids understand things much better than just reading in the books.

The tests and exams are more about your understanding of what has been taught rather than what you have memorized. The school even recommended a website ( which carries a lot of quizzes and questionnaires that is very helpful to prepare for tests. My daughter practices extra questions whenever a new topic is taught in school.

Even though it helps, what is needed more is to understand what she is learning. So I find more information on all the topics I can from the internet. When she started learning about Rome & Greece, it was more like me studying with her. So was the history of USA. Now she knows more than me about the Presidents of USA.

We have so much fun when we find some new information. Like, just last week, she was asking me if planet Pluto was destroyed. For a moment, I was not able to answer. I knew that Pluto was no longer considered a planet. But destroyed? That was news to me. Quickly, I checked the internet & made sure the planet was still there! Then her next question was why it was not considered a planet. Needless to say, I had a lot of explaining to do.

Internet technology helps me in a lot of other ways too. We have tools on the school website which helps keep track of my kid’s attendance or her academic performance. We also use the online payment system to pay for my daughter’s lunch. We can also use the school website to find out what is going on in the school and communicate with the teachers.

I am sure my interaction with technology is just starting now. As my daughter grows up, I am going to need more help. The main thing I am waiting to try is the phone tracking app on the smart phone. In another 1 or 2 years, my daughter is sure to ask for her own phone. Some of my friends told me that the phone tracking method is very helpful to keep an eye on the kids.

Whether technology is good or bad, we are dependent on them. When our kids use the modern tech gadgets, we have to know about them too so that we can monitor what they are doing and also to keep them safe from internet predators. Good Luck, Parents!


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