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IP Surveillance: An Effective Technology

Technology these days is taking the future security systems to new heights. One such innovative piece giving a lot of surety in its work place is IP Surveillance.

The traditional security systems where man power is used to secure almost everything from a shopping mall to an ATM can be substituted with this cost effective and throughput increasing IP surveillance system. It employs just a camera in place of a human and what makes it a pinnacle in security systems is that it can look at all the things in its line of sight at a time with a higher detail which is also recordable making it more reliable and flexible. What makes it more special is that we don’t need to pay wages for it. Growth in the field of wireless networks and secured channels adds to the pleasantries as it can employ remote access to the IP Surveillance through internet. All it costs is a camera, a monitoring and recording tape and a network to transfer the data securely using VPNs or HTTPS and of course a hole in your wall (not needed in most of the cases). Employing data encryption techniques works well too.

Various fields which can employ these systems include Financial Institutions, Data centers, Shopping malls, Investigation departments, Traffic control and what not!! But do not place it in extremely private places lest it should become a scandal, forget the matter of security.

There are numerous cases where the recorded tapes of CCTV cameras helped police to track down culprits. One such incident is the 2611 incident where rigid proofs about the terrorists were drawn from the Surveillance camera fixed near the railway station which was one of the sites of attack so is the case with the hotel camera in the same incident which helped the Intelligence department to a great extent. Employing these cameras at places of risk can help avoid any miscreants harming people. Usage of thermal cameras for surveillance at remote and highly risky places like borders can make the best out of these systems.

The use of IP Surveillance in bank chests and ATM is adapted by all the banks to avoid frauds and robberies. The advanced facial detection and behavior recognition is also possible with these Surveillance systems. There are many cases where fraudulent people were caught with the help of these cameras. It adds maximum value to its price in these cases.

Rash drivers and the rebels of the road rules will have their hands tied up with the latest traffic Surveillance systems. These systems employ the advanced speed tracking technology that helps record the speeds of vehicles and recognize those that cross the limit. Employing these cameras at toll gates helps in automation and hence decreasing the man power needed.

So, whenever you go out for shopping or go for a ride on your bike or you want to draw money from an ATM, don’t forget to groom well; because someone is watching you. But don’t worry; it’s neither Big Brother nor your Dad.


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