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How Technology is Making Us All Very Wealthy

If you’re an adult , take a look back and see how much life has changed in last twenty years or so. Back then we were only just beginning to understand the word Nintendo, and globalization was in its infancy. Since then we have had the advent of the internet, the rise of globalization, and so many other technological advances which are going make us all very rich, if we use them right!

The first reason that technology will make us rich is because we have so much more information available to us. Our collection of encyclopedias has been replaced by the internet. Now we can learn about all sorts of topics related to money that we would not have the opportunity to previously.

Beyond just the textbook knowledge the internet can provide us, we can also compare prices online. Instead of going to a few different stores in town and seeing how much things cost, we can hop online and compare prices from literally thousands of stores in a matter of seconds. We can compare insurance online, electronics, practically anything. You have so many more options to make purchases from and the competition is so much greater that we can save a lot of money over time! Of course there are all of the great coupon codes that we have now to save us on money which previously we didn’t have!

We can also make much more informed decisions on our purchases because of the internet. Instead of just accepting what the TV or an advertisement tells us, we can do our own independent research from hundreds of different places. We can actually have a pretty good idea as to whether a product is worth purchasing, or an investment plan is worth buying into before making the jump.

Technology is also making a lot of products much cheaper. We can now automate a lot of the manufacturing processes which drives down the price of the good. The world’s best and brightest companies have done research on new technologies and manufacturing process which are just causing a lot of products to nosedive in prices. Computers are thousands of times faster and cost pennies compared to what they used to. Very good VOIP companies has made long distance phone calling go for practically nothing in this modern era. The examples are all over the place. New manufacturing processes have also made construction of many things such sa homes and automobiles a lot better as well.

Some would argue this, but we are also benefiting greatly from inexpensive international shipping. Companies can now create goods in other countries which cost much less to produce there and in the end save us money in the long run. We shouldn’t try to condemn this practice as “Stealing our jobs”, instead we should focus on how we can become more competitive with these other countries economically, because isolationist economic policies will only hurt us in the long run.

If we make use of all the information available to use, and take advantage of these much less expensive services, we are going to save a lot of money and be much more informed than we would if the internet and globalization had never been realized. We might not all be millionaires because of it, but we are definitely much better off than we would without it!


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