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Frustration and Technology

Like it or not the world has changed, technology is the driver of the masses. Even though I love some of the advances that have made our world a better place to live, I also find myself short tempered and frustrated more than I care to admit. And I definitely blame my new impatient attitude on the advances in technology! It all just moves too fast for human acclimation. As soon as we are purchasing one upgraded phone, computer, camera, auto, etc. it is outdated and no one wants the “day old” technology you are using.

The jargon changes daily also and you have to keep up. When you are on the phone with a repair call center or registering your new item online, you have to know what all of the jargon is that the “techies” are asking you. Even in your job, people you come in contact with will blurt out some technology phrase that was just coined yesterday and you can look like a bumbling fool if you don’t understand it.

The reason I blame technology for my bad attitude these days is because I can very easily track it back to what item was either working great today or maybe it hung up and I lost all of my data, etc. (and invented some new curse words) It is true that we truly take all of these great strides into the futuristic world for granted when it is all running smoothly, and then; oh, man, you do not want to be around when it isn’t running so smoothly. I can be perfectly calm all morning in a great mood, serene at one with my world and wham, out of nowhere, my phone is dead because unbeknownst to me the battery charger didn’t work last night and OMG, the whole universe can’t contain my anger. It is because this world is too technology dependant and when one thing goes wrong, it causes a chain of other reactions that will also have a negative effect.

It really is sometimes silly when you look at how “we think” we can’t live without these modern day conveniences and yet, when it really matters, it is the people in our lives that we can’t replace, not all of the bells and whistles. Sure, our comfort may suffer a bit when our ac unit needs repair, or our car is in the shop getting new computers put in it, but it truly is just uncomfortable, not as life threatening as it often time’s seems.


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