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Does Technology Help or Hinder Our Children?

I still remember, as a child, being excited when I got to go to the skating rink or the arcade and play games. The games were not in our homes, and we were made to go outside and play after doing our homework. In today’s world, a child is more likely to be sitting in the house playing a Play-station 1, 2, or 3, a Game Cube, and Xbox, and whatever other games are on the market now.

In my own home, it is a daily struggle to make sure that my children get their homework done and clean their rooms before they start playing their games, and when they do play, I have to make sure the games are age appropriate, non-violent games. If it isn’t a gaming system, then it’s a computer game they want to play, so I have had to go and find interactive games on the computer that are educational without the children knowing this.

All of the new technology today is wonderful, and has added a great deal of convenience to every day life. I personally use the computer for school research and to pay bills and shop. If I want to know where the nearest store of a certain kind is located, I look it up on the Internet, so I do understand the wonders of out technological world. My biggest question is, how does all of this technology affect our children? They certainly would rather sit and play games inside than go outside and get fresh air, which means they are not getting as much exercise as they need. They are also less likely to play with other children when playing these games, which has to affect their social skills.

As a parent, I struggle every day to teach my children the old morals and values that I grew up with, including cleaning their room and concentrating on school work. I fear that, sometimes, the words go in one ear and out the other, because they are too ready to jump into another game. In my neighborhood, we even had a local young man that had become so infatuated with a game that he was playing, he forgot how to distinguish between the game and reality.

It is wonderful to allow your children to enjoy today’s technology, but we must also ensure that we teach them that there is life outside of games.


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