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An Overview of Blueray Technology

Blueray disc is the emerging technology that will possibly replace DVD’s in the market. Many years ago, the floppy disk was used with storage space of 1.44MB for secondary memory to computers. These were replaced by the Compact Disc (CD), which has storage capacity up to 700MB which was eventually replaced by Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) whose capacity ranges from 4.7GB to 9.27GB.

Now, with the new generation of technology, these DVDs might get replaced by blueray disc, whose storage capacity varies from 25GB to 50GB. It can be considered the same as a collection of DVD’s. Thus blueray disc can be more compatible for using computers and the technology involved in blueray disc is a wonderful thing.

In older versions of the DVD it does not employ the concept of dual layer writing, which leads to having DVDs with a storage capacity of 1 to 2GB. But the DVDs emerging today employ a different concept of writing. It uses a technology called dual layer writing which allows the DVD to have storage capacity of up to 9Gb.

Blueray disc also employs the same concept of dual layer writing technology. But blueray discs have more storing capacity than DVDs, this is because blueray disc involves another technology of writing data. Here a laser beam is projected into the disc which occupies less space with high intensity of data to be written. Thus DVD laser beam writes less data in a space when compared to blueray disc.

In the same way blueray is more resistant to scratches, whereas DVDs cannot withstand it. Blueray discs needs no special type of reading device. It can be used by an ordinary DVD readerwriter used in computers for reading data, but whereas in writing the data to a blueray disc needs a blueray writer. But an ordinary computer with a dual layer reading technology can be used for reading the data in the blueray disc.

Whether or not the Blueray completely replaces the DVD, it is still an advanced technology will great features. With high amounts of storage space on a single disk, one could make backups of regular files or even high definition movies. The more space allowed on the single disk presents a whole world of possibilities. However, the discs are still somewhat expensive and it’s questionable whether or not they are really worth it. Technology is moving so fast, they might come out with something exponential better before Blueray is fully adapted.


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