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5 Unconventional Ways to Study: Technology Introduces New and Exciting Study Methods

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The conventional way to study – reading books, listening to lectures and taking notes – is certainly useful. However, with changing technology and a whole variety of media resources at our fingertips, many students are turning to unconventional ways to study. These methods use audio and visual technology to present information. Read on to learn more about some great new ways to study.

Audio Books

Some people tend to remember information better when it is presented in audio rather than a visual format. For these people, audio books are a great way to study. You can find many audio books at Amazon and other bookstores. An alternative is to create your own audio study aid. Read information that you need to remember into a Dictaphone. You might want to read a passage from text, a poem, speech or even an entire book. Playing back your recording can help you to absorb the information. I find this is a useful technique when I am studying for an exam. I recite facts I need to remember into a tape recorder or Dictaphone. Then I play it back several times a day, even when I am doing other things. I find this helps me to memorize the information quicker than if I simply read it from a book.

Internet Libraries and Databases

Many universities and colleges, particularly those that include online classes, are turning to Internet libraries. These libraries are extremely useful in finding information with a few clicks of the mouse. They may allow you to access articles online or alternatively, to find out what books or journals have relevant information. Internet libraries and databases can save students lots of time and travel.

Downloadable books

Products like Kindle allow you to access a huge variety of books and download them as e-books. That means you can get through tons of information without having to haul around a heavy backpack full of books. Although some people prefer the tactile quality of paper books, downloadable reading can be especially useful for students who need to access a large volume of titles.

Youtube and Video Lectures

Many universities and colleges have begun posting academic lectures online. That way, students from around the world can access them. This phenomenon makes it clear that technology has helped the world to become, in one way, a ‘global university’.

E-mail Study Groups and Forums

Online forums and study groups are another way that students are learning by using technology. The immediacy and reach of online forums has appeal to students who value feedback and sharing ideas.



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