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The Advancement of Television Technology Used to Always Start on the U.S. East Coast

It’s fairly obvious that the FCC is scrambling now at the 11th hour to get everybody in the know about the digital conversion happening in February of 2009. And they’re feeling the same feeling we all have of time slipping under their feet, especially when it seems like yesterday we were thinking the digital conversion […]

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5 Unconventional Ways to Study: Technology Introduces New and Exciting Study Methods

The conventional way to study – reading books, listening to lectures and taking notes – is certainly useful. However, with changing technology and a whole variety of media resources at our fingertips, many students are turning to unconventional ways to study. These methods use audio and visual technology to present information. Read on to learn […]

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NTSS Provides Technology to Special Needs Children in Rural Areas

Children with special needs require intense medical care, psychological care and financial support. For families who reside in rural communities, the access to some of these resources may be scarce. In fact, it is estimated that nearly one-fifth of the rural population includes those who have special needs or live with some form of disability. […]

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